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Welcome to my little bit of the web. This page was created to display some of my Zippo collection and will be updated as and when I add to this collection.

It should be noted that this site is not in any way affiliated with either Zippo Manufacturing Co of Bradford Pa, or Zippo UK

Many people will find this site when searching for "Zippo Date Code" so I have included this information towards the top. Gallery pages are further down which may give you some ideas of what to collect.

The first thing to decide when collecting Zippo lighters is "what do I want to collect"? Do I collect anything that takes my fancy or do I stick with a specific theme. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different designs of Zippo out there and you are unlikely to get one of each!! In my case I collect Railway Zippos, Marlboro Zippos and anything else that I see and take a fancy to! Further suggestions on Zippo collecting themes can be found here

This site is updated regularly and the latest updates can be viewed by clicking on the train below.

If you wish to comment on the site, report errors or ask questions, there is an email link at the bottom of this page.

Hopefully you will find plenty here to keep you entertained for a while, but if not there are links to other Zippo sites at the bottom of the page.


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A Bit of Zippo History Dating guide to Canadian Zippos Frequently Asked Questions Dating Guide to Standard Zippos History of the Zippo Car
Design Changes   What Should I Collect?   Further reading, Books about Zippo

Gallery Pages

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Railroad Zippo    Marlboro Zippo Windy Girl Petty Zippo Logos
Advertising C.O.T.Y Zippo Car Events Volkswagen
Table Lighters Heritage Series Collectors Clubs United Nations Manchester
Standard Zippo Plain Zippo Millennium Series Special Editions Ziplight
Zippos from Bradford Collectors Guides Pill Boxes Zippo Rule Knives & Money Clips
Zippo Jeans Series Zippo Pins Assorted Zippo Products A Year With Zippo

All photographs on this site are of lighters in my personal collection. Images may be used for non commercial use, provided credit and a link to this site is given. For any other use of the images, please contact me by email (Link below)

The 1000th Zippo lighter in my collection

 "Unofficial" UK collectors meeting

Sunday 9th of July. 1pm at the Head of Steam Pub located in the station building of Huddersfield Railway station.

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