Base Stamps 1982 to 1986


1982 \\\\  \\\\ In 1982, the slashes changed direction sloping downwards
1983 \\\\  \\\  
1984 \\\  \\\  
1985 \\\  \\ During 1985 an alteration was made to the top part of the hinge. During the year the top part of the became bevelled. (See detail)
1986 \\  \\ Lighters with this date code were manufactured January to June. From July the Roman numeral system was adopted (see next page)

1982 to 1986 Inserts

There were two changes made to the insert in 1982. The first was the two blocks of text on the reverse were transposed, so that "Keep away from Children" was now at the top. Around the same time Zippo also started date coding the inserts, using the same codes as the base of the lighter. This appears to be random, until 1984, when the codes on the inserts were fully in use. Some 1982/3 inserts are date coded, whilst others are not.

In should also be noted that the two blocks of text on the front of the insert can be either way round (For best results.. can be at the top or the bottom)

1984 Insert (Front)

1984 Insert (Reverse)

A minor alteration to the flint tube occurred towards the end of 1983 or early 1984

1974 to 1981

1986 to 2000