Base Stamps 1966 to 1973


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1967 Early llll lll


1967 Late llll lll The patent expired on August 1st 1967, so the patent number was removed
1968 lll lll  
1969 lll ll  
1969 lll ll In 1969 the "Z" of Zippo acquired a 'tail' The was moved slightly and 'BRADFORD' was moved to the right  See detail
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1972 l l  
1973 l  

Inserts 1966-1973

Two different inserts were used in this era, the first being a continuation of the 1959 insert.  After August 1967 Zippo removed the Pat 2517191 and the insert should be single sided as per the photograph below. There are however a number of minor differences that may be found. (Detail Differences)

This insert is the 1959 style, but with the solid flint wheel rivet introduced in 1961. This insert was in use until late 1967 1967 insert. Used until 1975

Some lighters made between 1968 and 1972 have a "Solid Fuel Cell" rather than the usual cotton wool packing. This cell is made from pressed rayon and was possibly trialled to speed up the process of inserting the packing. The problem is that the wick cannot penetrate the cell and has to be 'bunched' up at the top of the insert. This reduces the amount of contact area with the wick and therefore the amount of fuel that the wick can absorb. I have heard a number of reports of these cells disintegrating  when a collector has tried to remove them, so are best left undisturbed.

Bunched Wick from Rayon "Solid Fuel Cell" Rayon Solid Fuel Cell

Some lighters made in the early 1960's have the felt pad made from red felt

Various shades of Red Felt have been documented, but it may have been that the fuel discoloured the felt over time.


Around 1970 the cam spring was changed from the narrow style to the widespread style. Narrow cam springs have been found in 1971 lighters


1955 to 1965

1974 to 1981